Affiliated Benefit Group

There are four key players in the medical insurance market for Minnesota residents and numerous ancillary carriers.  These medical carriers have up to 60 plans available for small to mid-sized companies.  Enrollment and quoting from these carriers can be challenging.  Let us do the leg work for you. Our online enrollment website can make the process easy.  We simplify the process; your employee inputs their information once and we can populate as many enrollment forms as are required to survey the appropriate carriers for your industry.  Group plans start with as few as two employees.


Blue Cross

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota is one of the leading providers of health insurance in the state.  Their network includes 98 percent of the doctors in the state, as well as 90-95 percent of the doctors nationwide.  They are also in 200 countries worldwide.

Health Partners is a regional company that has a similar network to Blue Cross, including Mayo Clinic as an in-network provider. They offer a wide array of group products, and have the  flexibility to offer dual-option plans to even the smallest of employers.   This may allow your company to have a high-deductible plan along with a standard  co-pay plan.

Medica has a combination of Open Access plans and Primary Care Plans available.  They have been progressive at introducing products that focus on providers that deliver services most efficiently.  Provider networks are varied with their passport network that offers a nationwide network.

Preferred One is a regional healthcare plan that was one of the first companies to offer Consumer-Directed Plans, or High-Deductible Plans. These plans allow consumers to pay claims using a Health Savings Account with pretax dollars.  Their network is slightly smaller than the three other carriers, but they offer a wide section of plan designs.
























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